Ukash Casinos

When it comes to playing the best online casinos, one of the key decisions you’ll need to make as a new player is how to fund your real-money bets. As part of the sign-up process for a new player account at an online casino, you’ll need to choose a method of depositing funds into your account, that will often be the return path through which any withdrawals will also be made.

Perhaps the most popular tool for managing online casino accounts is a debit or credit card, however not all players have access to such banking facilities or wish to use the cards they do have, and so several alternative methods of transacting with online casinos have found favor with that community of players. Chief amongst these for Canadian customers has been the real and virtual voucher system created by Ukash.

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What is Ukash

The Ukash payment system: Ukash is a system whereby a pre-paid voucher can be bought from either a real-world outlet such as Canada Post or Esso Gas stations, or online, which in turn can then be used to pay for goods and services on the Internet, such as depositing funds into online casinos that accept them.

Convenient tool to Canadian player: Ukash was acquired by rival payments service Skrill in 2015, however, its brand is still commonplace in territories outside the UK although in time it is understood that it will be fully merged with Skrill’s Paysafecard. Whatever the service ultimately becomes known as it represents a very convenient tool for Canadian players to access the best online casinos, and for your convenience, we list some of our recommended Ukash casinos below.

Why Use Ukash?

As mentioned above Ukash is an excellent way to transact with an online casino if you don’t wish to use, or don’t have access to a credit or debit card, however, it also has a number of other advantages that recommend it.

Keep track on what you spend: For players who wish to maintain the maximum privacy of their banking details, Ukash makes an excellent middleman, allowing players to fund their online casino entertainment as if with cold hard cash. Furthermore, the comparison with cash is helpful to understand another benefit – good money management. With Ukash, you can only deposit up to the value of the voucher registered with your preferred online casino, and that ensures you can only spend that amount. Using a debit or credit card can allow less disciplined players to spend more than their original budget, so using a tool like Ukash can be a great way to keep track of what you spend and stick to spending what you can genuinely afford.

Another advantage of this prepayment service is that some Ukash casinos offer extra deposit bonuses for players opting to use it as their preferred method of payment, hence a little boost of bonus cash can sweeten the whole deal.

How to withdrawal the funds: The only slight fly in the Ukash ointment for online casino use is the issue of withdrawal of funds. Some Ukash casinos do not allow withdrawal by the same method, and so an alternative payment service – for example, an eWallet such as Neteller – might be needed to handle withdrawals. That said, as the service has become so popular there are increasingly more examples of online casinos that can action Ukash withdrawals, issuing 19-digit pin codes for the requested funds that can then be redeemed for cash at a Ukash outlet.

Other Popular Payment Methods

Our Ukash Casinos

You’ll find that many of our recommended online casinos offer Ukash for deposits, including BetWay, Royal Vegas, 888 Casino, Platinum Play and Lucky 247.

As mentioned above there are fewer online Ukash casinos that also allow withdrawal using the service but check out or Maple Casino for two excellent choices of sites that do.

How to Deposit with Ukash

First step: The first step in funding some Ukash casino entertainment is obtaining a Ukash voucher. This can be done it two ways:

  • Using the Ukash website, find a local outlet that sells the vouchers. At that store, you can then purchase a voucher credited with the funds you wish to spend.
  • Purchase a ‘virtual’ voucher direct from the Ukash website. This method obviously requires you have another method of online payment to fund the purchase, such as PayPal or a credit/debit card.

Second step: Armed with a valid Ukash voucher (which is essentially a record of the 19 digit pin you’ll need to ‘activate’ the transfer of the funds you bought) the next step is to log into your player account at your favorite Ukash casino and add those funds. By way of example, at this is done as follows:

  • Once logged in to your player account, click the Cashier tab.
  • On the Cashier page, select Ukash by clicking its icon.
  • Fill in the “Voucher Amount” and enter its 19-digit pin as the “Voucher Number”.
  • Click “Deposit” and – boom – you’re good to go!


With the huge explosion in interest in Internet gaming, particularly online slots, it’s good to see that the best online casinos have responded to the demand by embracing payment methods other than the usual debit and credit cards. Whether you simply prefer to transact with cash or like to keep your credit/debit card away from online temptation, Ukash makes an excellent way to play the games you love, and pay the way you want. Its name may change in time (as explained in our introduction above) but it is and will remain, a very powerful tool to manage a freshly minted player account at many of our favorite casino sites.