How to Gamble Responsibly

Playing online slot machines should be an enjoyable experience. To ensure that is the case, there are some common sense precautions every player should make before making any wager. Below are some of the issues that players should keep in mind in order to protect themselves both from unscrupulous operators and the effects of problem gambling, here’s what every responsible gambling Canada-based casino should offer:

Government Licensing

Make sure that online slot game that is offered by an unregulated casino. Just like any legitimate brick and mortar casino, legitimate online casinos are required to undergo a rigorous vetting process that results in the granting of a license from a government entity, as well as a responsible gambling strategy board. Playing at regulated casinos means you can expect to be treated properly in case something goes wrong – and even if it doesn’t.

As an example: One of our recommended casinos, JackpotCity Casino, is licensed in Malta. Once a license is granted, there is an equally stringing ongoing compliance requirement.


eCograIn addition to government licensing, there are also a number of other certifications you should always be sure are held as an indication of responsible service of gaming by any online casino you play at.

For starters, check for an eCogra – short for “E-commerce and online gaming regulation and assurance” – certification. eCogra is an independent organization recognized as the international standard for guaranteeing three core things: 1) games are fair; 2) the casino operates honestly and responsibly; 3) players’ monetary deposits are safe.

Ecogra provides verified information regarding the specific percentage of wagered money that is returned to players as winnings. In addition, they constantly verify that all random number generators in use (RNG) are completely fair.

Dispute Resolution

Although every legitimate online casino strives to provide their players with an excellent playing experience, disputes do happen. You should never play anywhere without knowing what procedures are in place to handle any disagreement between a player and the casino.

Our recommended casinos such as Betway Casino are party to the UK’s Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS). IBAS consists of a panel of experts that handle disputes between players and operators on a case by case basis. When making a decision, the panel takes all relevant factors into account including the operator’s terms and conditions, as well as UK Gambling Commission standards.

Do Not Play at Rogue Casinos

Avoiding rogue casinos is crucial to enjoying your online gambling experience: These casinos are not licensed or regulated by any legitimate jurisdiction, leaving them completely unaccountable to their players and allowing them to be dishonest with near full impunity.

This can include a failure to keep player deposits separate from operating cash: which can result in having deposited funds stolen or withdrawal requests refused. However, more insidious and difficult to detect scams are also possible, including games that have payout percentages unfairly rigged against the player.

Gambling Addiction

Playing online slots should always remain a fun and exciting activity: If you find that you are gambling with money you cannot afford to lose, or are spending so much time that it is having a negative impact on your family, work, or social life – stop immediately and seek the help of an organization or individual trained to assist with gambling addiction.

One such organization in Canada is Problem Gambling Helpline. It and other likes it around the world provide help, information, and advice for how to handle an addiction to gambling.

If you believe you have a gambling problem, always remember there are resources available to assist you. You do not need to confront the addiction alone, and it’s best to get help as soon as possible.

How Responsible Casinos fight Problem Gambling

No legitimate online casino wants to see their games frequented by a problem gambler: To that end, most casinos offer a responsible gambling program, will take several steps not only to prevent gambling addicts from placing bets but also to make it as easy as possible for them to get help.his includes measures such as:

  • The option of self-exclusion: Gamblers will often have access to ‘self-exclusion’ – if they (or someone close to them) recognise they have a problem, they can contact Support, who will lock their account until otherwise notified.
  • Betting/deposit limits: Most casinos, upon sign up, will ask new players whether they would like to set a betting or deposit limit, meaning no further bets or deposits will be allowed once the set amount has been exceeded.
  • Freely accessible helplines and support: All legitimate online casinos will offer links and other information for gamblers looking for some support. 

The most critical of these is the voluntary exclusion service: Players wishing to have their accounts suspended for any period of time can simply inform the casino of their wishes and they will be banned for the specified time period. Once the request is made, it cannot be revoked by the player under any circumstances until the period of time has passed. If a player feels they cannot trust the

Responsible online casinos will not only take steps to limit access: they will also actively encourage players who feel they have a problem to get help. Casinos can provide players with a list of places they can turn to for assistance when they feel gambling has had a negative impact on their life.

If it’s the case that significant financial or social damage as occurred in a player’s life, the casino should also be able to provide resources to help that player get their life back on track outside of their immediate gambling issues.

Tips for Gambling Responsibly

Playing online slot machines is something that should be a source of fun and enjoyment: If it ceases to be such, stop. Immediately.

Some basic tips for how to gamble responsibly is:

  • Never play with money you don’t have
  • Keep your gambling funds/bankroll separate from the rest of your money.
  • Never gamble if you are under the age of 18.

Ultimately, it’s up to the player to use their best judgment and utilise these responsible gambling tips as best they can, as well as the resources at their disposal in order to gamble in a responsible manner. Players that take this responsibility seriously will be able to continue to enjoy all the great action of online casino gambling and slot machines in a fun and enjoyable way.

FAQs about Responsible Gambling CA

Every reputable online casino will have a Responsible Gambling page on their site - this should either be linked to in the footer (at the bottom of the page) or as the Responsible Gambling Trust logo, also in the footer. If a casino does NOT advertise their Responsible Gambling credentials, it’s best to stay away from playing there.
For Canadian players, there are a few Canada-specific sites for you to find out more information. At - you can learn more about how gambling works, as well as discover more resources to keep your gambling experience safe and fun, and GameSense Info Centres (GSIC) are placed at every British Columbia land-based casino.
There is indeed - and it's available 24/7! Call the Problem Gambling Help Line at 1-888-795-6111 for support which is always free and confidential.
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