Progressive Jackpots

Progressive slots offer life-changing sums: It’s the ultimate gambler’s dream to put in a few $ into an online progressive jackpot and to win $3M+. With more and more online casinos coming online being linked together to create ever greater jackpots, there’s never been a better time to try your luck on these machines.

Read on to learn more about these games and see Our top online progressive games below together with their current jackpot status

Best Progressive Slots 2019

Mega Moolah
Royal Vegas
Cash Splash
Royal Vegas
Major Millions
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Progressive Slots In Online Casinos

Progressive slot games have existed in real life casinos for years: Offering players huge rewards for spinning a winning combination at venues worldwide. The idea is relatively simple — a set of machines are linked together, and a certain portion of every bet placed goes into a progressive jackpot that builds over time. With enough machines connected and enough coins played, the pool can grow to massive proportions, creating huge payouts for lucky players.

Internet Progressive Jackpots: The advent of Internet gaming has made it possible for hundreds or thousands of players to all be paying for the same set of linked machines at a time, meaning the jackpot can swell in less time and grow to enormous sums. Online casinos aren’t subject to limitations like finite floor space, and more players’ means more winners — and more fruitful winners, to boot.

How To Play Progressive Slots

Gameplay on online progressive games can vary: Though the basic concept is simple. Like many other slot-style games, players spin with hopes of either hitting a jackpot combination or earning entrance into a bonus game. The progressive payout will be tied to that jackpot combination or bonus game, and the payout will continue to grow until one lucky player nails the winning spin.

Bet the maximum: Many online progressive games require players to bet the maximum amount of coins to take home the progressive jackpot. Depending on the game, that maximum bet will often be in the $2 to $3 range. The investment is worth it — after all, if you’re going to swing for the fences, you ought to bring a big bat.

Of course, even players who don’t hit the jackpot can still win, and often win big. Progressive slot machines still offer payouts similar to other slot games, with other combinations that win at varying rates.

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Progressive Games

Progressive slots are the most exciting games in the casino. No other type of action offers you the chance to win life changing money in a single instant. Progressive casino games have already paid players in Canada and around the world tens of millions of dollars in total prizes.

Many of these winning spins have been for just a few dollars or even less. If you are a fan of big thrills, fast action, and huge cash windfalls then these are definitely the best games for you:

  • Mega Moolah – a 5 reel, 25-payline video slot that has become one of the web’s marquee offerings. The potential payouts are massive — the game begins its Mega jackpot at $1-million, and it often grows exponentially from there, having paid out upwards of $5-million. The Mega Moolah slots game is a penny slot, and players can gamble coins ranging between $0.01 and $0.05 and can bet up to 125 coins in one play.
  • King Cashalot – This 5-reel, 9-payline game is royally themed with kings, queens, and knights abound. Like Mega Moolah and the Dark Knight, jackpot payouts have ranged upward of $1-million, although King Cashalot doesn’t offer free spins or bonus games. Instead, players can win the jackpot at any time by connecting 5 King symbols on the 9th payline.

For players looking to win big at the slots: Really, isn’t that all of us? — There’s no more intriguing option than progressive slots. The Internet has changed the gaming industry in numerous ways, and the payout potential offered by online progressive games is perhaps the most player friendly, you can check the most frequently hit jackpots at our dedicated page.

Brick and mortar casinos have long tried to create systems that can build massive jackpots with regular payouts, but try as they might; there are still barriers to the brick and mortar model that don’t exist in the online gambling world. The result is a gaming model most advantageous to the players, offering the unique opportunity for gamblers to win life-changing sums of money.


Progressive slots are slot machines with a very specific twist — a percentage of every spin players make goes into a general prize pool. This money will progressively grow until a lucky player hits the jackpot and wins the amount in the prize pool at that moment.

For that reason, progressives also offer the best chance of hitting huge jackpot of any game in the casino. It's not uncommon for prize pools to reach into the six figures, and in many cases they have gone as high as an eye watering eight figures. If you're looking to get a huge windfall of cash, progressives are the games you want to be playing.

The gameplay of progressive slots is exactly the same as any other slot machine. Players place bets on lines and spin the machine. What makes they special is that a percentage of ever bet is set aside for the jackpot prize. One unique twist is that the prize pool of a progressive slot will grow based on bets made on that slot across all casinos that offer it. This network effect is why people have won tens of millions of dollars in a single spin on progressives.

Payouts for progressives is the same as any other slot. Depending on the specific game you play, bets that land predesignated combinations of symbols in patterns on the reels will win prizes. When the jackpot combination is hit, the amount in the prize pool is paid out instantly into the winning player’s account.

As an added bonus, if you are one of the lucky players who win a life changing sum of money, there's a strong likelihood that the online casino will even want to make you a celebrity — many players have had Casino representatives come to their homes with big checks in order to get pictures with family and friends at the start of their new life.

By playing them, of course! In that sense, these thrilling slot variants are no different than any other version. If you see a huge jackpot waiting, that means the game is ready to pay out soon — so you don’t want to miss out. The best slots players are those that go hunting for big windfalls.

The largest progressive payout ever is $20,062,600 paid out on Mega Moolah to a lucky player at Betway Casino in October of 2015.