Raid the Pharaoh's Tomb with Tut's Twister by Yggdrasil!


Tut’s Twister is not the first Egyptian-themed game produced by Yggdrasil, and it may not be their best, but it’s still more enjoyable, well-paying, and better designed than the majority of other online slots out there! With a giant sword-wielding guard (King Tut!) manning the reels, and the potential for cataclysmic payouts, it’s all to play for in Tut’s Twister!


The game leads players away to ancient Egypt and the final resting place of the great King Tut. With stone columns, sharp swords and piles of gold, it’s everything we believe ancient Egypt should be.

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

Honestly there isn’t much to say about the base gameplay of Tut’s Twister – it’s all about the bonus rounds. The symbols are pretty standard for an Egyptian game (Horus,  scrolls, jewellery, pendants, etc) but one very positive feature is that players can wager up to $125 on every spin!

Graphically the game is superb (as you’d only expect!) but it falls short of the breathtaking action we’ve maybe become accustomed to. While there’s no doubt this is one of the most attractive games in recent times, we always expect something of the extraordinary with Yggdrasil – not this time!

Special Features

There are two special features worthy of note: Tut’s Twister, and Hieroglyphic Transformation.

For Tut’s Twister, you want to keep an eye on any wilds which rear their valuable heads. When two wilds land together on the reels, Tut will select one and it will transform its entire reel into a wild twister! This triggers a respin, and any other wilds are slowly dragged towards the twister, and the bonus ends when there are no more wilds remaining.

As long as new wilds land on the reels, the bonus respins keep racking up.  If you manage to get more than a handful of respins, you could be looking at some serious cash!

The second feature is more of a long-ball. You’ll notice that when a single wild lands, its mystery symbol transforms into a particular shape. There is a line of etched creatures along the top of the reels. When a wild transforms into a creature, its spirit flies up above the reels and illuminates its matching symbol.

Once you have all the symbols (which takes a fair bit of spinning!) the Twister feature is activated once again. This time, any wilds are worth a 2x multiplier (which increases with every 3 new wilds landed) and the potential for a big win is favourable. It’s not as good as a free spins round, but it is nice to have something a little different.

Our Verdict

King Tut’s is a great game, though only average by the standards of Yggdrasil. The base play is attractive, if slightly boring, while the execution of the bonus rounds is superb. They’ve gone against the status quo (though the ancient Egypt theme is quite with the status quo) by neglecting a free spins round, and overall the game is great fun.

222 Free Spins + $1000 Bonus!
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