Tomb Raider

In the late 1990’s, the Tomb Raider video game franchise changed the landscape of video game marketing. The third-person shooter blossomed into a franchise featuring movies, comic books, merchandise and of course – a popular online slot game by Microgaming.



  • Slot type: Video Slot
  • Reels: 5
  • Scatter: Yes
  • Theme: null
  • Lines: 15
  • Bonus Game: yes
  • Free Spins: Yes
  • Software: Microgaming

Among the first movies to take its franchise into the online gambling universe, the Tomb Raider slot game features some of the kindest payouts on the web and is a must-play for anyone who considers themselves a legitimate online casino goer.

How to Play

Tomb Raider is a 5-reel, 15-payline slot with a max bet of 75 coins. In addition to the standard 10, J, Q, K and A symbols, the game also features six unique symbols. Three of these are just regular symbols that payout more than the standard symbols: a tiger, a crouching Lara Croft, and a gadget symbol.

Additionally, the game boasts a wild symbol, a scatter symbol and a bonus symbol:

  • Wild Symbol: The Tomb Raider symbol is a wild symbol, meaning it can be used in place of any symbol beside the scatter or bonus symbol to create winning combinations. Players can also combine wild symbols on the same payline for bigger payouts, with five wild symbols paying out 7,500x the player’s wager.
  • Scatter Symbol: The scatter symbol is a gun-toting Lara Croft and can be used both to win some money and to acquire free spins. By landing three or more Lara symbols anywhere on the screen, players can enter the free spin bonus game.
  • Bonus Symbol: The Idol symbol can allow entry into the Idol bonus game. Players have to land three or more Idol symbols on the same active payline to enter and can win up to 2,500x their wager in the bonus game.
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 Graphics and Sounds

  • Audible – the Tomb Raider casino game can be a little disappointing. There’s a constant background murmur as if the player is crawling through a series of underground tunnels with Lara Croft. The reels each snap into place with a thud, and winning spins are signified with some traditional Las Vegas sound effects.
  • Visually – the board is easy to navigate, with the reels appearing on a gray background. The buttons for placing and adjusting bets are big and easy to understand, which does make it an easy game to play.


The Lara Croft Tomb Raider slot machine features a one-spin max payout of 7,500x the original wager, earned if a player can land five Tomb Raider wild symbols on the same payline.

For a non-progressive game, that 7,500x payout is sizeable, and made all the more worth it by Tomb Raider’s gracious payout percentage, which sits around 96 percent. Players looking to swing big and walk away with one massive, jackpot victory may not appreciate Tomb Raider’s style, but for those who want to make their money count, the Tomb Raider slot is a perfect place to play.

Special Features

  • Free Spins Bonus – The free spin bonus round allows players to spin the reels and bring in winnings without wagering any of their own money. In order to enter the free spin round, players have to land three or more of the gun-toting Lara Croft symbols anywhere on the screen. The more Lara’s, the more free spins.
  • Idol Bonus – The Idol bonus game is the real draw here, though. In order to launch the game, players must land three or more Idol symbols on the same payline. Once that’s been accomplished, players will be presented with 12 Idol symbols, each of which is hiding a different bonus amount. Players are given the chance to click 3-to-5 Idol symbols (depending on how many they placed on the payline to earn entry), and are allowed to keep whatever winnings are hidden behind those Idols.

Payouts for the Idol bonus game can be hefty, with three symbols guaranteeing between 36-1,500x the original wager and five symbols paying out between 60-2,500x.

Tomb Raider slot is available at Spin Palace casino.