Frequently Asked Questions About Slots

If you’re new to the online slots world you probably have lots of questions, and you’re not alone. So, let’s cut straight to the point and take a look at the three most commonly asked and most important FAQ about online slots.

How Does it Work?

Online slots are the same as slots at a physical casino, online it’s done via the internet rather than in one physical spot. You can either sign up for an account with a slots casino and download their software or play on a Flash site. It’s usually a good idea to try the Flash version to see if you like it before downloading the full program onto your computer. Once you’ve gone ahead with the process and downloaded the software, set up your banking accounts and whatnot, playing will be as easy as clicking on the game you want to try. The rules will depend on the online casino, but generally there are five reels and the prizes are based on the results of each spin with different values associated with various combinations.

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How to Play Slots?

One of the most appealing things about slots is their simplicity. Slots are easy to pick up and most games follow exactly the same format. While there are a number of different slot games types, gameplay follows the same series of steps:

  1. Choose your game. Find the game of your choosing from the list on your casino and select it
  2. Next click on the +/- to choose your bet size. For some games you need to bet the maximum to be in with a chance of winning the top jackpot, while for others it’s not as important
  3. Choose your number of paylines. Again, it’s worth checking the slot game’s paytable to see how many paylines you need to play if you’re going to be in the running for the maximum payout
  4. Click on ‘spin’ to spin the reels. This is the exciting part as you watch and wait to see what symbols will appear
  5. If you’ve won your winnings will be credited to your account automatically. If not you can choose whether you want to try again or walk away and give it a go another day

While these are the basic steps to playing slots, some of the newer video slots come with special features and bonus games. These add to your playing experience with the opportunity to win bonus spins and other great prizes through extra games and levels. Budgeting is important when it comes to playing slots so always choose carefully when you’re picking your bet size and don’t go chasing losses.

How to Win at Slots?

There is no tried and tested formula for winning at slots. Some people talk about systems and strategies but in reality, slots is a game of chance so it’s completely random. As a player you can only control which games you choose to play and how much to bet.

If you’re going to be successful playing slots it’s important that you go in with realistic expectations and an understanding of how slots odds actually work. All slot machines are set up to pay out less than they receive – that’s how the online casinos make their money. The part the casino takes is known as the ‘house edge’ and this varies depending on the game.

By choosing the games with the highest return to player (RTP) percentages you can give yourself the best chance of walking away ahead, or at least, minimizing your losses. Here are some of the most popular games that offer the highest RTP.

  • Blood Suckers (98%)
  • Jack Hammer 2 (97.1%)
  • Cosmic Fortune (96.9%).
  • Mega Fortune (96.6%)

The payout of a given game depends largely on its software provider. If you’re looking for the highest paying out games, NetEnt is the best choice as their games have an average payout of 96.51%. This is followed by Play N Go and NextGen Gaming. Amaya slots tend to have the lowest payouts at around 92% on average.

Volatility is another important factor to look at when you’re evaluating your chances to win. Some online slots pay out large sums occasionally while others have lower payouts but they take place fairly regularly. If you’re a risk taker you might enjoy a high volatility game but you’re probably going to lose a lot more (although the potential to win is higher). If you’re a more cautious player who prefers regular smaller wins, choose a lower volatility game. You can find out this information by checking the game’s paytable or reading the relevant game reviews.

Is it Safe to Play Slots Online?

Quite simply, yes. But, that’s only if you use a top-grade casino for your gaming. That means you’ll need to find a licensed and regulated casino. There are many different forms of regulation, but it’s often best to find a casino that’s regulated in your home nation, otherwise there can be complications. If a casino doesn’t say on its website where it’s regulated and who that regulator is, plus that each game is randomized, then you should keep looking for a better place to play. Playing fast and loose may be fun on the slots reels, but with your wallet it’s hardly advisable.

What is the Best Online Slots Gaming Strategy?

Unfortunately, there is no tried and true strategy that will make you rich. Let’s be real, if there were a way to beat the numbers for sure, the casinos would go out of business. The honest truth is that the house always wins in the long run, but with the right strategy and tips you can win as well. After all, there will be folks who lose all their money right away and never play again, and there will be people who win huge jackpots and simply pocket the money. For the rest of us, the key is never betting any amount you can’t afford to lose, and knowing when to call it quits. Doing so will give you a chance to win; failing to set limits will guarantee losses.