243 Payline Slots

We have a lot of respect for the old school slot machines, as without the original slot players and their 3-reel machines, the Las Vegas experience wouldn’t be the same. But let’s get reel – 5 reels, that is. Fun as those old 3-reel machines might’ve been, modern technology allows us to do so much more. Now, we can play games with more ways to win; 243 of them, to be exact.

When it comes to online slots, the basic rule is the more paylines there are, the better the odds of winning. If you’re keen for a payout (and let’s face it who isn’t!), 243 payline slots are for you. 243 payline slot games are relatively new. Rather than traditional three or five reel slots where you need to land certain symbols on specific lines, with a 243 slot you can use symbols from anywhere on the reels to create a winning combination. If you’re looking for a bit of variation you can also try other line combinations including one, five, nine and 20 payline slot games, but those are considerably less common than the standard. Yes, 243-payline slots like the ones featured in the table below are, as our old-timers might’ve said, the bees’ knees:

Why Play 243-Payline Slots?

More Ways To Win — The obvious advantage here is that 243-payline slots offer more ways to win. It’s rare that a gambler goes more than a handful of spins without putting together a winning combination, which is an obvious strength for players wagering real money.

There’s plenty more to like, though.

Awesome Graphics — For one, the graphics on 243-payline slots are the best around. Games like Dark Knight orBattlestar Galactica are fantastic examples. Both feature an explosive, enthralling look and feel that can keep you glued to the screen.

Bonus Games — The bonus games on 243 payline slots are wildly entertaining! For one, they feel more like video games, where players can have a greater effect on wins and losses through wise decision making or precise game play. For another, the odds of winning in these bonus games are usually better, meaning even more chances to turn a nice profit.

The Best Places to Play 243 Payline Slots:

How 243-Payline Slots Work?

If you understand 3-reel machines, 5-reel slots should be easy enough to grasp. The biggest difference is that there are no strict paylines. Instead, players get credit for any winning combination built from left-to-right, regardless of whether symbols align. If the same symbol shows up on reels one, two and three — even if they are scattered at different heights — a player is awarded a win!

243-payline slots also feature a number of different symbols to enhance the gameplay, including:

Wild Symbols — These pieces can be used to replace other symbols, helping build more winning combinations. Because there are 243 ways to win, these symbols are especially beneficial — one wild symbol can help create a variety of winning combos.

Expanding Wild Symbols — Similar to the basic wild symbol, expanding wilds can stretch to cover entire reels in certain situations, further boosting a player’s chance of winning.

Scatter Symbols — Many 243-payline slot games feature exciting bonus games or free spins, and entry into those contests usually depends on creating combinations of scatter symbols.

OK, Sounds Great! What’s Next?

These 243-payline machines are the next frontier we’ve been waiting for, and boy are we happy to enjoy the fruits of the labor it took to get here. Head on over to your favorite casino — or check out one of our recommended online gambling halls — and check out the 243 ways to win free slots. Try them with play money first, then go ahead and drop a few bucks and let the excitement of constant victories bring you the same joy it brings us daily.

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