Online Security

Any time money changes hands on the web, there is obviously a concern about the security of those transactions, and online casinos certainly aren’t exempt from those risks. But perhaps because so much cash is at stake and because the gambling community is so used to maneuvering its way around scam artists and troublemakers, internet gaming is a fairly safe venture as long as players stick with established institutions.

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How to Know a Casino is Safe?

Here are some key internet security methods you should be aware of:

Encryption – The most effective weapon casinos have against potential hackers is encryption. The process encodes messages and information so that outside parties cannot access them, ensuring private details aren’t discovered by third parties.  Many of the most popular encryption techniques are similar or even identical to the ones used by international banks, ensuring your transactions will be safe.

Secure Socket Layer and Transport Layer Security – These two encryption strategies — better known as SSL and TLS — are digital encryption strategies used to protect the details of a transaction between parties. There are several different versions of these protocols used widely. These methods are generally considered among the best available and are preferred by most of our recommended casinos. Read more about them here.

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure – Better known as HTTPS, this measure is the process by which your internet browser uses SSL and TLS protocols to encrypt your information and keep it safe. Users will know HTTPS is working because a small lock icon will appear next to the address bar of the browser when it’s in use. See the image below to know where to look for the icon in your own browser:

Where to look for the HTTPS in different browsers

HTTPS works by layering Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) on top of either the SSL or TLS protocol, adding the SSL or TLS security capabilities to a standard HTTP communication.

Anti-Virus-Viruses are also a risk when engaging in internet gambling. Because of this, reputable casinos all feature strong anti-virus software. The casinos we recommend here all boast effective systems to guard against spyware, viruses and malware. Downloading a reputable internet gambling hall to your computer won’t invite viruses onto your computer, though players should still make sure they have good anti-virus software on their computer as a secondary security measure.

Casinos may also boast additional anti-fraud detection software, and also keep detailed financial records of transactions made between players and the casino. They do this to provide customers with records of all details regarding the financial institutions used to make transactions in a streamlined fashion.

We’re working on bringing you a relevant list of casinos not recommended for Canadian players (our “black list”).

So if you feel reassured, you can go ahead and try our recommended online casinos or slot games – they’re perfectly safe and will provide you with hours of great gaming experience.

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